Fundraiser Rufus Gifford Says Goodbye To Millions Of Obama Supporters

Spam king, or pen pal? A lot of people were kind of sad to see him go.

1. This Is Rufus Gifford, President Obama’s Top Fundraiser

He sends a lot of email to the 10-million-plus people on Obama’s email list, asking for money.

2. Here’s The One He Sent Tonight

4. Some People Were Glad To See Him Go

Damn all I can afford to donate is 5$ to barack tell Rufus to leave me alone!

— xDeeter (@Tyrannosaurus Dee)

After the election I will write 25 emails to Rufus Gifford and Jim Messina EVERY DAY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. #Obama2012

— danielhsia (@Daniel Hsia)

thankful that I've received my last email from Rufus! #thelittlethings #election2012 #vote #toogoodtobetrue

— krmiller31 (@Kunal Rambhia)

Rufus, your such a drama queen. #Vote2012 #4MoreYears #NoMoreCampaignEmails http://t.co/oSs95zau

— BecauseYourMine (@Joann Medrano)

#Hallelujah!! RT @maggiepolitico Rufus Gifford is saying goodby to people's inboxes. A day I never thought would come.

— jakelipsett (@Jake Lipsett)

YAAAAAASSSSSS (but I did make my donation) RT @BarackObama: Goodbye, Rufus: http://t.co/ES778CbY

— AlwaysBeWrite (@Miss Ray)

12. A Few Were Confused

BARACK, you cant do that! I got all sad cause I thought some dog died… “@BarackObama: Goodbye, Rufus: http://t.co/n3DPUOeJ”

— docmisterio (@Zach Becker)

RT @bruce_arthur: Seriously thought this was a dog who just died and was like, whoa, ruthless campaigning. RT @BarackObama Goodbye, Rufus http://t.co/zD3PHbqR

— dannymota (@Danny Mota)

I wonder if Rufus Gifford is really going to stop emailing me all the time.

— QElise (@Q. Elise)

15. But A Lot More Were Actually Pretty Sad About It


— dansinker (@dansinker)

No, Rufus, don't go.

— yayponies (@jessica)

Don't go, Rufus Gifford!

— OHLMK (@Lauren M. Kinsey)

@BarackObama Last message from Rufus totally got me. Donated for the third day in a row. Love you guys. Be well. #Obama2012

— KHansen1724 (@Kristin Hansen)

Oh no! Rufus Gifford said he's not going to e-mail me anymore. Are we breaking up?!?! #obama2012

— emilyhughston (@Emily H. Hoffman)

Rufus Gifford just broke up with me via EMAIL and was so smooth about it I sent him money.

— lafix (@lafix)

Rufus, I love you so much that I gave you some money.

— ChloDubs (@Chloé)

Aww...bye-bye, Rufus. No more money for you, though. http://t.co/q0pO416w

— MrMcMillin (@MrMcMillin)

Oh Rufus, just take it. Take it all.

— DaveStroup (@Dave Stroup)

It was a good run @RufusGifford. Even a great run. RT @BarackObama: Goodbye, Rufus: http://t.co/VBwMfyWW

— tokissthecook (@Jessi Langsen)

@BarackObama Oh noes! I always thought Rufus was my personal pen pal--but it looks like he wrote to a few other folks, too. Gonna miss him.

— kulturhack (@kulturhack)

Feeling strangely sentimental about receiving my "last email ever" from Rufus Gifford. The end is near, Tuesday is upon us EEK!

— janehall8 (@J★NE H★LL)

Rufus gets to me. every. time. sniff sniff. gonna miss him!

— janicedillard (@Janice Dillard)

Please don't leave me Rufus. What am I going to do with you in my...inbox.

— mattmfm (@Matt McDermott)

Rufus, thank you for everything! I'm going to miss your passionate emails in my inbox@ “@BarackObama: Goodbye, Rufus: http://t.co/PRl0yjUa”

— phorevergraph (@Vanessa)

I don’t like a sad @rufusgifford email. :-( RT @dansinker: rufus… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

— deepa_k (@Deepa)

reading those Obama campaign emails on the Metro is making me emotional. Rufus Gifford, I'm gonna miss you

— disorganization (@Ralph S. Mouse)

aw Rufus Gifford, it's been fun having you email me 8 times a day for Obama Campaign contributions...I'll miss you in my inbox, boo.

— reyesfeministas (@Melissa)

Rufus Gifford, fragged by his own troops in Vietnam

— RayGustini (@Ray Gustini)

NOW YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CRY. RT @rufusgifford: @dansinker There is no one I will miss emailing more!

— dansinker (@dansinker)

@BarackObama Last message from Rufus totally got me. Donated for the third day in a row. Love you guys. Be well. #Obama2012

— KHansen1724 (@Kristin Hansen)

That email from Rufus Gifford saying goodbye actually made me sad. #stockholmsyndrome

— mekkalekkah (@The Divine Miss M)

Just got my own "Goodbye, Rufus" email.... Is it strange that I'm choked up? 4 days to victory.... We'll do this.

— rufusgifford (@Rufus Gifford)

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