Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Defend’s President’s "Power Grab" On Twitter

Egypt’s Islamist president seized vast new “temporary” powers Thursday. On Twitter, the Muslim Brotherhood’s official account defended him from critics, including a Hunter College student, Abe, and a fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine, Hussein Ibish. posted on

President's decisions are all directed towards achieving justice, ending corruption and fulfilling the goals of #Jan25" target="_blank">">#Jan25 revolution

decision to grant these decisions immunity is to ensure they're protected frm corrupt & politicized judiciary installed by deposed regime

Bottom line: majority of ordinary Egyptians whose life will be improved by pres decisions will support him, political rivals will oppose

@Ikhwanweb of course. That's democracy if u don't know!

.@nadinefanous" target="_blank">">@nadinefanous we disagree on you definition of democracy

@Ikhwanweb don't u think "assuming" and "predicting" are no way a strategic course of action in light of #Egypt current waves of opposition?

.@atypicalcitizen" target="_blank">">@atypicalcitizen all decisions prez took, except immunity, r basic demands for the revolution & we know for a fact ppl supprt them, thx

@Ikhwanweb put this decision on a referendum & prove me wrong!

.@nadinefanous" target="_blank">">@nadinefanous unrealistic, u think prez should have referendum on every major decision he makes?

@Ikhwanweb and you weren't worried about the judiciary's corruption when it oversaw the elections.

.@nadamobarak" target="_blank">">@nadamobarak we ve all the respect to judiciary, never meant to generalize. Some in key positions r old regime loyalists hindering reform

@Ikhwanweb Which begs the question: declaration was announced evening, when were you able to conduct extensive poll across country?

.@HaniShukrallah" target="_blank">">@HaniShukrallah we didn't say we already conducted the poll, but from interacting w public on daily basis we predict the majority supports

@Ikhwanweb @HaniSabra @abeerallamj @Libraliyya this is fun to read. But honestly ikhwan u should see that alot of Egyptians fear autocracy.

.@arabmny84" target="_blank">">@arabmny84 agreed.We suffered the most frm autocracy & will never replace secular autocracy w religious one; the Ppl won't let that happens

So ya @Ikhwanweb I'm a coptic liberal female.u may not consider me a "vast majority" but I sure as hell am an egyptian. What are my rights?

.@SandraYacoub" target="_blank">">@SandraYacoub in a democracy, the rights of voting minority must be protected, however, political disagreements will always exist

probably MT“@AbdulazizSaqqaf:" target="_blank">">@AbdulazizSaqqaf: @Libraliyya" target="_blank">">@Libraliyya I am convinced this liberal conversation wldnt b taking place if a 'secular' prez was in charge.”

@Ikhwanweb @jettzworld @abrahamsny oh, yea, we had a revolution to replace emergency laws with another emergency law. Few months my ass.

.@Libraliyya" target="_blank">">@Libraliyya we disagree, they're in no way comparable by any reasonable thought! Little disappointed w ur last sentence, Islam

.@Ikhwanweb Mubarak's Emergency Law was also supposed to be "temporary"

.@AbrahamsNY" target="_blank">">@AbrahamsNY understandable,but unfair to compare Morsi's time-limited immunity for pro-revolution decisions w Mubarak's decades of EmLw

@Lyonsoccer_87:" target="_blank">">@Lyonsoccer_87: @Ibishblog" target="_blank">">@Ibishblog it's a TEMPORARY measure during an exceptional time. Can't compare post-rev to everyday situation”

MT “@Lyonsoccer_87:" target="_blank">">@Lyonsoccer_87: Judiciary in Egypt is corrupt and politicized need reform! FDR did something similar during grt dep "court packing"

MT “@Ibishblog:" target="_blank">">@Ibishblog: @Lyonsoccer_87" target="_blank">">@Lyonsoccer_87 FDR's "court-packing" scheme failed legally and politically. Dreadful analogy to defend Morsi decrees.”

.@Ibishblog" target="_blank">">@Ibishblog remember president tried to reinstate dissolved parl't, and those accusing him of dictatorship today opposed him back then

. @Ikhwanweb @amradelfahmy Not without checks, balances & limitations. Your answer is frightening & depressing in seeming oblivious to them.

.@Ibishblog" target="_blank">">@Ibishblog valid concerns, but these r only temporary, but necessary, measures; new constitution & parl't in few months will repeal

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