Dems: We’re Not Dumping Biden

The Wall Street Journal suggested today that an automated poll question about Biden could mean he’s getting dropped. Not so, says a top party official.

Biden in Florida on February 6. Phil Sears / AP

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The Journal reports that a robocall from the Democratic National Committee asked, ”
“Thinking about Vice President Joe Biden, do you have a favorable view or an unfavorable view of him?”

The item said the call would “feed speculation” about proposals to replace Biden with Hillary Clinton. But that doesn’t make all that much political sense — Biden’s base are the suburban Catholics Obama is working hard to court — and a Democratic National Committee official dismissed it as “ridiculous.”

“This was routine modeling project,” the official said, noting that the same questions were asked of Obama and the First Lady, and that calls also questioned respondents about Mitt Romney and John McCain.

“This conclusion is ridiculous,” the official said.

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