How To Play Kickstarter Chicken

The most dangerous crowdfunding game on the Internet.

The press loves to talk about all the brilliant, world-changing projects that rake in millions on Kickstarter. But what about the thousands of projects that normally get swept under the failed-Kickstarter-project rug? It’s time we had some fun with them.

Here’s how to play:

ID: 1149740

2. 1. Find a lonely project that has barely any backers or seems otherwise doomed for failure, like this one:

ID: 1149853

3. 2. Take turns backing the project with your friend.

Just increase your pledge amount every turn.

ID: 1149948

4. 3. Keep going. The project gets closer and closer to getting funded with every round.

ID: 1150667

6. And you get closer and closer to having to actually pay.

Just remember: watch out for third parties who might swoop in at the last second and fund the project to completion.

ID: 1151009

7. 4. If you chicken out because you’re afraid the project is going to get funded, you lose.

ID: 1149977

10. 5. But if you keep going, you might have to pay

ID: 1150879

13. Here are a few more neglected projects to get started with:

ID: 1149981

Raising Funds to Publish Mine and Gods Book

ID: 1151402

Curtain Up! Broadway’s Calling!

ID: 1151407

Magnetic Tabletop Gaming Board For The Average Gamer

ID: 1151414

Transforming my dream into a physical reality

ID: 1151416


ID: 1151430

19. Happy backing!

ID: 1151432

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