Here’s How To Make Kid President Out Of Origami

Origami paper artist Lisa KN gives us a glimpse into how she creates her amazing pop culture portraits. Art meets craft meets the internet.

2. Materials

You’ll need the following items:
- an old pen w/o ink (to use as a stylus)
- tweezers
- glue
- scissors
- sketch paper (or construction paper) to use as a canvas
- a variety of origami (or colored construction paper)
- a drawing of the subject you want to create.

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Step 2: Press hard with the pen to trace an outline of the subject onto the origami (or use carbon paper).

Step 3: Cut out the origami along the traced outline.

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Step 4: Paste the pieces onto the canvas with glue. Use tweezers for small pieces. Repeat 2 and 3 with other colors until your piece is finished.

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Step 5: Use your imagination to incorporate other materials (e.g., toilet roll, kite string, cupcake paper, etc.).

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Step 6: Make a suitable background for the finished piece.

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7. You might not have the artistic prowess to pull off such a feat of origamic beauty, but here are some of Lisa KN’s other portraits for you to gawk at.

Here’s Morrissey.

ID: 1086986

Here are the feminist bookstore owners from Portlandia.

ID: 1087005

Here’s David Brent (from The Office UK) as a marionnette.

ID: 1086988

Here’s Ron Swanson.

ID: 1086994

Here’s Prince.

ID: 1086996

Here’s Corky St. Claire from Waiting for Guffman.

ID: 1087016

More Corky St. Claire.

ID: 1087022

Lisa K.N. is a self-taught Japanese artist. She calls herself an “Origami illustrator”, “Origaminizer” etc. We can all agree she is amazingly talented and awesome, right? Check out more of her amazing portraits here. She doesn’t have a site yet where you can purchase her artwork, but you should bug her about it anyway.

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