Obscure Jewish DJ/lawyer makes fun go-go dance/pop music. You may recall a French-meets-Japanese jet-set electro-lounge movement that was big in the 90s - groups like Fantastic Plastic Machine, Ursula 1000, Pizzicato 5. Not sure what happened to them, but Phofo will be bringing swanky back with a new album in spring 2007. So dust off your smoking jacket and chug a martini!

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    • Two people on a civilian airplane were killed in a mid-air collision with a military jet in South Carolina. The F-16 jet pilot was ejected and is "in good shape."
    • Bounce TV and BET will no longer air series featuring Bill Cosby after court records showed he admitted to buying sedatives to give to women.
    • Harry Shearer, the voice of Mr. Burns on "The Simpsons," will rejoin the show. In May, he said he was leaving.
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