Gates vs Jobs

Who’s the more likeable nerd? Nothing like a little popularity contest to spice up all this Macworld/CES madness. Some questions to consider: Did Bill Gates convince you that Vista isn’t a total disaster? Did Steve Jobs seduce you into buying a $500 cellphone? Who has more indie cred? And finally, the Mock Turtleneck: Who wore it best?

Here Are The Top Stories
  • Greece's bailout vote on Sunday could be very close, according to an opinion poll. Both sides are holding rallies today.
  • Uber has suspended its low-cost UberPOP service in France following protests last week.
  • After two previous missions failed, Russia's Progress rocket took off to resupply the International Space Station ?
  • Liberia has reported three new cases of Ebola this week. The country was declared Ebola-free on May 9.
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