What We Learned From Spongebob And His Friends

It may be a children’s cartoon show, but we can learn good life lessons from it. Maybe even some things we hadn’t considered before.

1. 1. We learned that, when given an essay, don’t procrastinate…

2. You will end up either setting your house on fire or have nightmares

3. 2. We learned what is and is not an instrument

4. 3. We learned to never sell chocolate to our neighbors because there are some weirdos out there…

6. 4. We learned that snails have butts under their shells, and they wear underwear too

7. 5. We learned how to dance

10. 6. We learned about under-appreciated mothers

11. 7. We learned to appreciate simple and even mundane things

12. 8. We learned that even pickles need love…

13. 9. We learned about wumbo

14. 10. We learned to prioritize our time by making a to-do list

15. 11. We learned that sometime inventors with awesome ideas aren’t taken seriously

16. 12. We learned to never disturb a hibernating squirrel

17. 13. We learned about foods that go to your thighs

18. 14. And MOST importantly, Do not mess with Alaskan Bull Worms…Or their tongues.

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