10 Things We Can All Learn From "Avatar’s" Sokka

He’s the comedic meat loving big brother we all wish we had.

1. 1. Never drink cactus juice

It may be the “quenchiest” but it has some pretty major side effects.

2. 2. Always be proud of your tribe

3. 3. Give your enemies pretty names to make them seem less intimidating

4. 4. Never get too attached

You never know what can happen.

5. 5. Never be afraid to say what you mean

6. 6. Don’t give up on science, even when others do

7. 7. Boomerangs are a handy weapon and can get you out of a bad situation

8. 8. And they ALWAYS come back no matter what

9. 9. Be polite, introduce your friends

10. 10. Meat comes in all forms

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