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    • BunnyPoPo

      None of these people should be going to eat at a restaurant with a server. By far the worst is the server who doesn’t rip. That’s ridiculous. I know a lot of people have mentioned it, but I’m a server and my base pay is $3.63/hr. My paychecks are $0 and when it comes time for taxes if I’ve been working at a corporate chain, I typically owe money. Also for that person who said it doesn’t take any kind of skill and to aim higher? I have a bachelors degree first of all and second of all its up there with working in retail as far as needing to have really good customer service/people skills. I also have to tip out based on my sales as someone else managed so when you don’t tip me on an $80 bill, I just paid for the “privilege” of taking your order, bringing drinks, inputting said order, usually (in absence of food runners) serving you the food, refills, check ins, etc.
      If you don’t like tipping when that is the norm then try and have it changed without being a jerk to the people who make their living that way by using the above stupid reasons. McDonalds is down the road if you don’t want to tip.