12 Totally Radical Grown-Up Pool Accessories

Pool toys aren’t just for kids! Grab one of these, relax, and pour yourself some Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita to achieve ultimate summer bliss.

1. These awesome junk food floats:

Kat F / Via instagram.com

These pretzels are making me thirsty!

ID: 1175709
Cliotta / Via instagram.com


ID: 1176508

3. This remote-controlled drink and chip holder:

So you never have to swim out of your spot in the sun to get a nibble.

ID: 1177199

4. This floating game of mini-golf:

wlrose35 / Via instagram.com

So you can practice your putt without hitting the green.

ID: 1177687

5. This wave-making inflatable see-saw:

Gemma Martin / Via instagram.com

Because you’re never too old for some playground games.

ID: 1178137

6. This floating ice cooler:

Katie J / Via instagram.com

Because nothing is worse than your drink getting warm in the sun.

ID: 1177707

7. And these tropical floating drink holders:

Because sometimes beverages need their own floatation devices too.

ID: 1177395

8. This floating poker table:

Grace Morcom / Via instagram.com

Because gambling is legal when you’re on water (not really.)

ID: 1176605

9. This amazing U.S.S Enterprise float:

Zack Fox / Via instagram.com

Because it takes an adult to truly appreciate geek pride.

ID: 1177470

10. This floating game of ping pong:

ay_yal / Via instagram.com

So you can finally school your friend who beat you in the rec center last year.

ID: 1177717

11. This essential waterproof boombox:

Jacklin Lopez / Via instagram.com

Because a pool party with no jams is just not a pool party at all.

ID: 1178270

12. And these colorful underwater light projectors:

So the party doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down.

ID: 1177265

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