12 Animals Who Are Definitely Ready For The Beach Party

Did you remember to invite your four-legged friends to the beach? Because they’re ready to roll! While you’re at it, don’t forget the Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita.

1. This labrador who’s clearly not gonna wait for you to jump into the water:

Ricardo Dias / Via instagram.com
ID: 1168278

2. This dog who’s gliding on over in style…uurr..almost:

ID: 1168300

3. This noble cat who is ok if the weather is a little overcast:

Christa Bee / Via instagram.com
ID: 1168280

4. This hyped dog who’s gonna show his feline friend where the party’s at:

ID: 1183694

5. This buddy who borrowed this shirt from his owner and hopes he doesn’t mind:

Lynn Mcmullin / Via instagram.com
ID: 1168288

6. This sweet pup who is ready to get the conga line started:

ID: 1168366

7. This surfing kitty who’s ready to ride the waves right meow:

monitorpop / Via instagram.com
ID: 1168360

8. This penguin who thinks he might’ve arrived at the party a little early:

ID: 1183702

9. This chica, who has entered the “I’m sitting down, if you want to talk to me come over here” portion of the afternoon:

ID: 1168388

10. These kitty friends who are all packed up and ready to go:

ID: 1183713

11. This sweet lab for which the pool party simply isn’t cutting it:

janetjaynes / Via instagram.com
ID: 1183689

12. These little piggies who invited all their friends to the party and hope that’s ok:

ID: 1183726

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