Are You Positively Cleveland? Find Out Here!

Are you a ‘mistake on the lake’ or part of the ‘greatest location in the nation’? Test your Cleveland knowledge to find out where you stand!

1. You know what this is… / Via

and why it’s important.

2. And you never leave the house… / Via

without checking with this man first.

3. You hoard this… / Via

Like it’s the apocalypse.

4. This isn’t a helmet… / Via

It’s a way of life.

5. And this will always be… / Via

“The Jake.”

6. You tell people that we learned from this… / Via

7. And honestly believe we have. / Via

8. He will always be welcome here. / Via

9. Him… not so much. / Via

10. And you know that he will make them pay. / Via

11. You’ve met them… / Via

And know how nice they are.

12. You brag that he was born here… / Via

(And so does he).

13. This is Fall, Winter and Spring… / Via

And you’re wearing a t-shirt.

14. You know where this is… / Via

Because you’ve been there.

15. You’ve been inside this. / Via

16. And you’re still proud that this is here. / Via

17. You’ve been on this boat… / Via

18. And this one too. / Via

19. You started watching this because of the title… / Via

And now you’re hooked.

20. Your school took a field trip to see them once… / Via

And now you’re hooked.

21. You’ve seen this in person… / Via

And agree with Mike Polk.

22. This was a big trip when you were a kid. / Via

23. You remember when this was a store… / Via

24. And remind everyone in the room each Christmas. / Via

25. You know who this is… / Via

And know you can count on it.


00 - 10: You sure you’re not a Steeler’s fan?
11 - 19: Suburb life seems to suit you well.
20 - 25: You are Positively Cleveland!

How’d you do?

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