14 Reasons Why You’ll Have FOMO If You’re Not At Governors Ball

The NYC festival kicks off its 3rd year this Friday…and it’s going to be the best one yet.

The line-up speaks for itself

I. can’t. even. choose.

You can create your own line-up here

ID: 1232464

I mean, there’s going to be music, lights, and sweaty dancing.


ID: 1232470

And that band that sings that song you’ve heard a millon times will be there.

…and you can’t just give up the chance to sing this song out loud.

ID: 1232480

Oh, and this guy. NBD.

psst…that’s Kendrick Lamar.

ID: 1232489

And…you KNOW Kanye is going to put on one hell of a show.

ID: 1232490

Because face it, this is already your summer jam.

ID: 1232497

Okay, besides the music, there’s so much activities.

…there’s just SO much room for activities.

Here’s the full list of activities.

ID: 1232471

Like this photo booth that makes GIFS.

Your four photos inside the booth will be printed out immediately, then you can have the GIF and JPEG emailed to you.

ID: 1232465

so, get your selfie face ready.

ID: 1232477

There’s this silent disco area where you can fist pump, twerk, and bop around.

Powered by super light-weight Sennheiser wireless headphones that emit crystal clear sound, top quality beats, and thumping bass, the Silent Disco is an activity that allows music fans to experience a dance party unlike any other.

ID: 1232504

…and an area where you can summon your inner Yogi.

Everyday at 12:30pm they will lead an hour of free yoga to get you breathing deeply and stretching those hammies in the shade before you dance all day in the sunshine.

ID: 1232508

The stages are BIGGER…

It’s massive.

ID: 1232466

(that’s what she said)

ID: 1232512

And they have FREE water stations.

ID: 1232515

Hungry? The food line-up is foodie paradise.

Like Coolhaus, Porchetta, Mile End, Luke’s Lobster, Little Muenster, and MORE.

See the rest here

ID: 1232521

Unlike other festivals, you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving…

because you can get to Randall’s Island by ferry, subway, cab, bus, or bike.

(NYC is the best)

ID: 1232539

And they have an app so you always know what’s up.

You can download them here

ID: 1232550

So, don’t be like this when you see all your friends having fun…

ID: 1232563

Put on your party pants…

ID: 1232566

And get excited.

ID: 1232570

Because it’s going to be the best weekend ever.

ID: 1232582

Cheers to a happy Governor’s Ball!

ID: 1232588

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