7 Spoiler-Free Reasons You Should Really Watch “Fargo”

You should go watch FX’s Fargo right now. Finishing its first season last night, Fargo went out with a phenomenal bang. Without giving anything away, here are 7 reasons, in GIF-form, why you should go check out the best show of 2014 (even over True Detective).

1. 1. You will both love and hate Martin Freeman’s Lester.

ID: 3167953

2. Look at that puppy dog.

ID: 3167921

3. Emmy-winning actor in full swing.

ID: 3167975

4. Ugh… his face.

ID: 3167825

5. 2. You WILL get creeped the heck out by Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne.

ID: 3167840

6. He really asks the tough questions.

ID: 3168250

7. When he gives advice, you should probably listen.

ID: 3168094

8. Even in disguise he is terrifying!

ID: 3168066

9. 3. You will cheer for Allison Tolman’ Molly.

ID: 3167903

10. She never gives up on her case.

ID: 3168206

11. Everyone knows she is the best cop around.

ID: 3168170

12. Oh, and did I mention she is precious?

ID: 3168148

13. 4. The supporting cast, which includes Bob Odenkirk…

ID: 3168724

14. Colin Hanks…

ID: 3168861

15. Keith Carradine…

ID: 3168877

16. Adam Goldberg…

ID: 3168995

17. Glenn Howerton…

ID: 3169478

18. Key And Peele…

ID: 3168793

19. …and Oliver Platt, to name a few.

ID: 3169070

20. 5. The Amazing Minnesotan Accent!

ID: 3169800

23. 6. It is sorta connected to the film of the same name.

ID: 3170084

24. Yet also not?

ID: 3170089

25. Yet also TOTALLY.

ID: 3170100

26. 7. IT. WILL. SHOCK. YOU.

ID: 3170140

27. No matter what you think…

ID: 3170149

28. You aren’t prepared for where this show takes you.

ID: 3170160

29. So are you going to go find it and watch it now?

ID: 3170167

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