20 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts All Under $20 And 20 Minutes

What are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day? Flowers? Candy? Skip the traditional, boring stuff. Here are 20 awesome and unbelievably easy gifts you can make in under 20 minutes and for less than $20.

1. Chic Studded and Painted Tote Bags

Does your mom love weekend trips to the farmers’ market or picnics in the park? Turn regular canvas totes into chic weekend bags with studs, paint, and painter’s tape.

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2. Lemon Lavender Champagne Cake

It’s springy, citrusy, and the frosting’ll get you a little bit tipsy!

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3. Fringe Statement Necklaces

Turn a simple necklace into a much more awesome statement piece using nothing but fringe and hot glue.

ID: 1125527

4. Embroidery Hoop Clocks

Make a wall clock using embroidery hoops, a clock kit, and patterned fabric. We love the idea of making a few for different time zones if your mom’s got friends or family living abroad.

ID: 1125086

5. Lemon Tea Cupcakes

Combine pink lemonade cake mix with ice tea and bake in a lemon to create this adorable take on an Arnold Palmer.

ID: 1125515

6. Belted Storage Totes

Could Mom use a little help in the organization department? Create stylish storage totes with shipping boxes, fabric, and a repurposed belt.

ID: 1125540

7. Watch Wrap Bracelet

It’s time to toss that leather watch strap aside! Combine a beaded necklace with an old watch face to create a totally unique timepiece.

ID: 1125546

8. Stylish Dyed Scarves

It’s a fact of life that all moms love scarves. Create ombre, ikat, and chevron scarves to spice up her scarf collection.

ID: 1125563

9. Leather Tassel Necklace

Who says tassels are just for graduation? This fetching piece is elegant and fun and won’t break the bank.

ID: 1125569

10. Pretty Custom Camera Strap

Is your mom a shutterbug? Amp up her camera style by turning a scarf or belt into a chic custom camera strap.

ID: 1125576

11. State-Shaped Bulletin Boards

Show hometown pride with a memo board in the shape of the state you grew up in.

ID: 1125585

12. Zipper Bracelets

Your mom will swoon over your resourcefulness and ingenuity with this simple project.

ID: 1125579

13. Chocolate-Covered Amaretto Strawberries

The days of a simple chocolate-covered strawberry are behind us. It’s time to fill up those strawberries with creamy Amaretto goodness.

ID: 1125582

14. Sparkling Statement Necklace

Mom loves to get fancy as much as you do! Create a one-of-a-kind piece of dazzling jewelry using rhinestones, tulle, and beads.

ID: 1125583

15. Chalkboard Cheese Tray

Does your mom love a good cheese plate? Give her a modern piece of tableware by creating a funky chalkboard cheese tray.

ID: 1125589

16. Gold-Tipped Ballet Flats

Give your mom’s shoe style an update by adding gold details to a few of her old ballet flats.

ID: 1125593

17. Polaroid Tote Bag

It’s no secret that all moms love to show off photos of their kids, even if their kids are 35. Take a canvas bag and add iron-on transfers of your mom’s favorite photos so she can tote them around wherever she goes.

ID: 1125595

18. Cross-Stitched Stationery

Never got into the whole cross-stitch thing? Your mom will definitely giggle if you give her a set of “cross-stitched” notecards.

ID: 1125603

19. Glitter Gardening Tools

Who says mops, brooms, and gardening tools have to be boring? This is a fun way to add color to any chore.

ID: 1125610

20. Turn Bootcut Jeans into Skinny Jeans

It’s time to teach mom the ways of the skinny jean. Steal a pair of her old school flares and turn them into sizzlin’ skinny jeans. Bonus points if you figure out a way to make “mom jeans” cool again.

ID: 1125606

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