14 Signs You’re Still Mentally 10

Don’t worry kids, it gets better

1. You get irrationally excited when you hear a Drake and Josh quote

2. You were determined to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier the day it came out

And you had a marvel movie marathon before you left, but let’s not talk about that

3. When you babysit kids, you’re more excited than them when it comes to playing with their toys

4. You failed your sex ed test…epically

5. You laughed the loudest during Despicable Me 2

6. And The Lego Movie

7. And don’t even get me started on Frozen

8. You still happily play mindless apps on your phone

9. And are not ashamed to be obsessed with the Percy Jackson series

10. You find that you would much rather watch a Spongebob marathon than party on a Friday Night

11. And building forts is still the coolest thing since Webkinz

12. You still have a favorite stuffed animal

13. And despite what people tell you, it’s totally acceptable and you will fight for it with 5 year old

14. But at the end of day, you definitely know you’re still 10 when you realize that you can still relate to a Nickelodeon show

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