20 Wedding Photos That’ll Make You Laugh

On your wedding day, you’re going to be taking pictures all day long. And while you’ll of course want to capture plenty of timeless, classically-beautiful photos, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun!

1. Movie-Inspired

Quinn Miller Photo + Design / Via

This Jurassic Park-inspired photo took the Internet by storm last week, and it’s easy to see why!

Michelle Chiu Photography / Via

This couple cast a spell on their bridesmaids and groomsmen, Harry Potter-style.

Plus: Amazing Harry Potter-Themed Weddings

RSB Photography / Via

Here, the bride channeled Darth Vader and used the “Force Choke” to lift the groom and groomsmen off the ground.

Plus: Star Wars-Themed Engagement Photos

4. Adorable Flower Girls

Studio Cabrelli / Via

These flower girls’ reactions to the couple’s first kiss are just priceless.

Maria Vicenio Photography / Via

But make sure you shield your impressionable flower girl from bridal party hijinks.

6. Calling All Sports Fans

LauraBelle Photography / Via

Incorporate your favorite sport, from baseball…

Oakstream Photography / Via

…to golf.

9. No Peeking

Duston Todd / Via

Guests, avert your eyes from the PDA!

Closer to Love Photography / Via

But there’s always that one who can’t follow directions…

11. Reject Stereotypical Gender Roles

Plumtree Studios / Via

Grooms love showing off their new bling, too!

Robb Davidson / Via

These groomsmen borrowed the bridesmaids’ bouquets (and pose!).

Igo Photography / Via

This bride proudly drank the groomsmen under the table.

14. Bridal Party Shots

Alex M. Photography / Via

We love the look on the bride’s face in this daring photo op.

Plus: 30 Fun Bridal Party Photos

Hoffer Photography / Via

How much do you trust your groomsmen?

B&E Photographs / Via

Another silly shot with the groomsmen.

17. Do a Double-Take

Paul Retherford Wedding Photography / Via

No, those aren’t their middle fingers!

A super-tall bride with slacks under her gown, or a bride on her groom’s shoulders? You be the judge.

19. Animal Photobomb

Sarah Mac Photography / Via

Aren’t these dolphins the cutest photobombers you’ve ever seen?

20. Forever Alone

Hilarious family photo.

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