Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox And Lisa Kudrow Had A “Friends” Reunion On “Kimmel”

Jimmy Kimmel made our wildest dreams come true Wednesday night. Well, kind of. The reunion was a little weird.

1. It went down during Jennifer Aniston’s interview.

Jimmy’s team recreated the iconic Friends set – Jimmy joked it cost them $40,000 – in order to stage a very elaborate reading of some Friends fan fiction he wrote.

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2. Jennifer didn’t seem into it. At all.

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The former Rachel Green huffed and puffed her way through the segment. Granted, Jimmy’s script was super sexual. He was playing Ross, and every line of dialogue was about how great a lover Ross was.

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4. Then, Monica showed up.

Courteney Cox was more enthusiastic than Jen, but she also had to say lines about Ross being an amazing lover. Remember, Ross and Courteney’s character, Monica, were siblings. Yuck.

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5. Then Phoebe.

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Yes, the dialogue was super cheesy, and Jimmy revealed he killed off Chandler and Joey in his Friends universe so that Ross (Jimmy) could have all the ladies to himself.

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7. The highlight?

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The cast was forced to read the show’s theme song out loud.

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10. The End.

So, it wasn’t the reunion movie we all wanted (that’s never happening, guys) … but it was better than nothing. And, yes, that’s Jimmy’s sidekick Guillermo in the “Rachel” wig.

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11. Watch the whole sketch here.

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