These People Getting Tased For The First Time Is Wonderful And Disturbing At The Same Time


1. Photographer Patrick Hall recently tased a few people with a handheld stun gun, then recorded their reactions in slow-motion.

Patrick Hall / Via
ID: 3691605

2. At first they were all smiles…

Patrick Hall / Via
ID: 3691702

3. Thinking to themselves that getting tased by a stun gun probably won’t hurt too much.

Patrick Hall / Via
ID: 3691716

4. But when the tasing began, it was clear that all of the participants were in pain…

ID: 3691740

5. Except for maybe this guy.

Patrick Hall / Via
ID: 3691746

6. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot here:

Patrick Hall / Via
ID: 3691809

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