This Guy Just Lost $1 Million In The Most Brutal Way Possible

Tough luck, dude.

1. At this year’s World Series of Poker $1 million buy-in tournament, professional poker player Connor Drinan found out how fast you can gamble away a million dollars.

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2. When Connor was dealt pocket aces pre-flop, he was quick to raise.

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3. His opponent, Cary Katz, who was also dealt pocket aces, then decided to re-raise Connor…

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4. Which then caused Connor to go “all in.”

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5. Since the two players both held pocket aces, this puts them in a virtual tie. Unless, however, one of them gets a flush.

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At the flop, the dealer revealed two hearts, giving Cary a slight possibility of a flush.

6. Then at the turn card, another heart is revealed.

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This means that Cary would only need one more heart to win the hand with a flush.

7. Finally, at the river, the dealer revealed a fourth heart, giving Cary the winning hand, and eliminating Connor from the tournament.

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8. Don’t worry, dude… You’ll get ‘em next year.

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9. And you could make it rain all you want then.

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