12 Entertainment Weekly Covers That Immortalized 1993 In Pop Culture

Looking back to 20 years ago, at what really mattered to us then.

1. Mark Walhberg was a rapping “boy toy.”

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2. Jean-Claude Van Damme decided it was time to be taken seriously.

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3. We couldn’t believe what Liza Minnelli did…oh, wait.

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4. Tom Hanks was finally a leading man. Also, we apparently were already trying to bring back the ’80s.

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5. We tried to figure out the success behind that cult hit show Seinfeld.

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6. Shannen Doherty was trying to give her career a makeover. I think step one was leaving Beverly Hills, 90210

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7. We wondered why Jason Patric wasn’t a star yet. That question still keeps me up a night.

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8. Couldn’t wait to see those summer blockbusters Made in America and Coneheads.

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9. The nice host from America’s Got Talent was the scariest man in show businesses.

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10. It was all about Full House of course! And also Sharon Stone sex scenes.

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11. It was the end of Michael J. Fox’s career. Whatever happened to that guy?

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12. The hot and sexy dog from Fraiser.

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