Which “Daria” Character Are You?

Are you a social outcast or a full-fledged member of the Fashion Club? Find out here.

  1. 1. Which one of these is your favorite movie?
    1. “Mean Girls”
    2. “Dazed and Confused”
    3. “Lost Highway”
    4. “Psycho Beach Party”
  2. 2. What was your favorite thing about high school?
    1. Art class
    2. Creative writing
    3. Skipping classes
    4. Socializing
  3. 3. What store best describes your style?
    1. Forever 21
    2. Salvation Army
    3. American Apparel
    4. Urban Outfitters
  4. 4. Which one of these albums do you like the most?
    1. “OK Computer” by Radiohead
    2. “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry
    3. “Doolittle” by the Pixies
    4. “The Idler Wheel…” by Fiona Apple
  5. 5. What is the worst thing someone could say about you?
    1. You’re lazy.
    2. You’re dumb.
    3. You’re normal.
    4. You’re arrogant.
  6. 6. Which book series is your favorite?
    1. Harry Potter
    2. Hunger Games
    3. Twilight
    4. Ender’s Game
  7. 7. Who's your favorite actress?
    1. Zooey Deschanel
    2. Jennifer Lawrence
    3. Meryl Streep
    4. Michelle Williams
  8. 8. What is your ideal Saturday night?
    1. Watching TV on the couch.
    2. Going to a concert.
    3. Dinner party at a friends house.
    4. Dinner at a nice restaurant.
  9. 9. Which quote sounds most like something you would say?
    1. “I think people who run over animals should get run over themselves to see how they like it.”
    2. “I don’t like to smile unless I have reason.”
    3. “Sometimes it amazes me how stupid people can be.”
    4. “I’m always late. That’s why I don’t wear a watch. They depress me.”
  10. 10. Which app is your favorite?
    1. Instagram
    2. Fruit Ninja
    3. Dots
    4. WhatsApp
  11. 11. Which city would you most like to live in?
    1. London
    2. New York
    3. Los Angeles
    4. Seattle
  12. 12. What makes you the happiest?
    1. Reading a book.
    2. Shopping.
    3. Listening to music.
    4. Doing something crafty.

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