When JFK Met A Troll Doll

In 1963, a troll doll had a formal White House visit with the president.

1. In 1963, Betty Miller became the first female pilot to fly solo across the Pacific Ocean.

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2. In recognition of her accomplishment, President Kennedy invited her to the White House to award her with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Gold Medal for Exceptional Service.

Abbie Rowe/JFK Library
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3. But Miller didn’t come alone; she brought her lucky troll doll named “Dammit,” who had accompanied her on the record-setting flight.

Abbie Rowe/JFK Library
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4. JFK and Dammit being formally introduced.

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5. Miller explaining the flight path she and Dammit flew.

Abbie Rowe/JFK Library

Specifically, she flew from Oakland, CA to Brisbane, Australia.

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6. JFK, Miller, Dammit, and Najeeb Halaby (Administrator of the FAA) pose for one final photo.

Abbie Rowe/JFK Library

A few years later, President Johnson presented Miller with the Harmon International Trophy for Aviatrix of the Year.

No word on whether Dammit made a return trip to the White House.

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