“Trim-Jeans”: A Weight Loss Product So Bad It Inspired A Monty Python Sketch

This 1971 product was neither trim nor jeans.

1. Are you looking at losing weight while wearing what appears to be astronaut diapers? Then “Trim-Jeans” is the product for you and it is as easy as 3 steps!

ID: 910562

2. Step 1: Inflate your “Trim-Jeans” using your handy little pump (provided).

ID: 910593

3. Step 2: Now it’s time to do 10 minutes of sit-ups, sorry, I mean “Magic Torso” movements.

ID: 910603

4. Step 3: That’s it, now it’s time to take measurements. You should have lost a total measurement of 7 ¼ inches in just that brief session!

ID: 910628

5. “Trim-Jeans” was so ridiculous it inspired the Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch: “Trim-Jeans Theater”

ID: 910667

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