This Might Be The Most Epic ’90s Alt-Rock Photo Of All Time

And really, ONLY David Bowie could have brought all these people together!

1. On Jan. 9, 1997, David Bowie celebrated his 50th birthday in the most fitting way possible, by throwing a concert/birthday bash at Madison Square Garden.

ID: 3187359

2. And, David also invited a few of his famous rockstar friends to his birthday party — which lead to this one EPIC photo:

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3162578

3. Here are some of his friends that were able to come and wish him a happy b-day:

ID: 3187327

4. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore (holding daughter Coco Hayley Gordon Moore)…

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3187448

5. …Lee Ranaldo and Kim Gordan!

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3187465

6. Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan (smiling like usual) and Foo Fighters’ Pat Smear.

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3187434

7. The Cure’s Robert Smith!!!

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3187442

8. Dave Grohl — who I guess came dressed like a beatnik?

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3187454

9. And, of course, the main man himself, “the man who fell to earth,” David Bowie

Kevin.Mazur / WireImage
ID: 3187453

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