This ‘90s Motorola Commercial Lists Every Argument You Gave Your Parents For Needing a Pager

In the ‘90s there was really no bigger accessory for a teenager than a pager, but first you had to convince your parents to get you one.

1. “If I’m ever late — page me.”

Argument: I’ll come home as soon as you page me.
Reality: Your parents can page you as much as they want, because the minute you come home you’re going to say, “I forgot to bring it with me,” or, “Oh, I didn’t realize I had accidently turned it off.”

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2. “We can make this connection.”

Argument: We will talk more now because you can easily reach me.
Reality: You’re going to continue to keep up as minimal communication with your parents as possible.

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3. “I am never going to take this to school.”

Argument: I won’t ever take it to school.
Reality: Are you kidding? This is coming to school with you every day, and you’re going to coordinate the pager case with your outfits.

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4. “Your pages come first.”

Argument: You’re important and I respect you, dear parents, so your pages come first.
Reality: Actually, your friends pages come first. And when you’re around your friends, you’re definitely going to pretend that you’re not getting pages from your parents.

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5. Now relive your arguments with Motorola’s “Dad, I want a pager” commercial:

ID: 1067480

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