The Anti-Drug PSA The “Curious Alice” Makes Drugs Look Great

This video really is a wonderful psychedelic trip through Wonderland.

1. Created in 1971, by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Curious Alice was intended to be an anti-drug PSA for eight to ten year olds; based upon the characters from Alice in Wonderland.

ID: 1492282

2. In the film, Alice tours a trippy and psychedelic “Wonderland” where she learns about drugs from her new friends…

ID: 1492284

3. …the pot smoking Caterpillar….

ID: 1492324

4. …the heroin pushing King of Hearts…

ID: 1492335

5. …a tweaked out March Hare….

ID: 1492338

6. ….the pill-popping Dormouse (who is totally a little Neely)….

ID: 1492350

7. …and the Mad Hatter, who likes to drop LSD on sugar cubes.

ID: 1492352

8. Unfortunately, the message is completely lost and instead of teaching kids about the dangers of drug, it made them look like a lot of fun.

ID: 1492372

9. The Curious Alice:

ID: 1492270


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