15 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

Justin Timberlake playing the banjo as a toddler kicks off #ThrowbackThursday.

1. So cute: A toddler Justin Timberlake showing off his skills on the banjo.

ID: 3326270

2. Madonna sharing a moment with her date, Michael Jackson, at the 1991 Academy Awards.

ID: 3326201

3. Speaking of Michael, Aaron Carter remembered the time he and his brother, Nick, hung out with him.

ID: 3326172

4. In the early ’80s, both Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and her big hair bow were 50 shades of sepia.

ID: 3326190

5. Mary J. Blige shared this photo of herself and Puff Daddy at a party in the mid ’90s.

ID: 3326192

6. While Katy Perry shared this photo of herself partying it up with Mickey Mouse and crew at Disney World.

ID: 3326194

7. Gisele Bündchen (second on the left) looked like she was a background dancer in a Paula Abdul music video.

ID: 3326196

8. Dolly Parton shared this cute photo of herself as a kid, and it might be the only photo we’ve ever seen of her where she is not wearing one of her trademark wigs.

Can you believe that little thing grew up to be little 'ole me? :) #ThrowbackThursday

— Dolly Parton (@DollyParton)
ID: 3326203

9. James Van Der Beek apparently had a very different way of riding a carousal.

ID: 3326208

10. Sarah Michelle Gellar looked so adorable and like she is trying to channel Laura Ingalls Wilder.

#TBT I think my posing was better at five

— Sarah Michelle (@RealSMG)
ID: 3326222

11. Looks like Kim Cattrall might have been an expert jump-roper as a kid.

#tbt 23 Abbeystead Road, Childwall 5 Ways. #LiverpoolLass Circa 1969 @SensitiveSkinTV

— Kim Cattrall (@KimCattrall)
ID: 3326226

12. Orange Is the New Black’s Matt McGorry gave a lot face as a kid.

ID: 3326238

13. Tamera Mowry took us back to the first season of Sister, Sister.

ID: 3326239

14. While Beyoncé reminded us she’s always been a winner.

ID: 3326198

15. And finally, Carson Daly remembered this epic photo of the TRL Class of 1999.

“@PerezHilton: @CarsonDaly This photo is so epic!!! #TBT #throwbackthursday ” HOLY CRAP! Haven't seen that in YEARS!

— Carson Daly (@CarsonDaly)
ID: 3326236

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