Simpsons Illustrated: The Magazine That Was Every Hardcore "Simpsons" Fan’s Dream Come True

It was also the place where Hey Arnold! got its start.

1. First published in April 1990, Simpsons Illustrated was a quarterly magazine geared toward kids who were serious “Simpsons” fans.

2. Much like other kids’ magazines at the time (like Disney Adventures and Highlights), each issue included comics…

4. …and stories.

5. It also included an original comic: “Arnold.” Yes, that Arnold!

Craig Bartlett (creator of Hey Arnold!) is Matt Groening’s brother-in-law. The Arnold comic strip preceded the TV show.

6. But for true “Simpsons” geeks, the best stuff was the behind-the-scenes interviews with animators.

7. And tons of “Simpsons” humor.

8. Ads from the Fall 1991 issue:

9. The first issue even included a copy of the “Springfield Shopper.”

10. Simpsons Illustrated published from 1991–1993. The final issue was a one-shot comic called “Simpsons Comics and Stories.” The overwhelming success of this issue led to the creation of both the “Simpsons Comics” and…

11. …Bongo Comics Group, which publishes comics related to the “The Simpsons,” “Futurama,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants” as well as original material.

12. Check out all 10 issue covers below:

20. The Simpsons 1992 Annual

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