Remember When Madonna Starred In A Gap Campaign?

Ten years ago, Madge was all about “A New Groove, A New Jean,” and Missy Elliott.

1. In 2003, the Gap announced they had gotten Madonna, the ultimate a fashion icon, as the face of their fall campaign, called “A New Groove, A New Jean.”

Madonna wore Gap low rise cropped cords and a ribbed white tank top. She completed her look with $5 million in diamond jewelry from Neil Lane.

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2. While Madonna was no stranger to fashion ad campaigns — she had famously been the face of Versace in 1995 — this was her first foray into a lower-end brand.

She has since then collaborated with lower-end fashion companies like H&M and Macy’s.

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3. Missy Elliot also fell into the Gap.

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4. There was even a limited edition CD of Madonna’s latest single “Hollywood” (remixed by Missy), which of course was available exclusively at Gap stores.

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5. But the most memorable part of the campaign was the catchy “Into the Hollywood Groove” commercial:

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6. Mainly because Missy upstaged Madonna.

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7. And she was not having it.

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8. In the end it all paid off — Madonna helped the chain get their financial groove back.

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