"Beverly Hills Teens": A Cartoon Embodying ’80s Decadence

This was the original Beverly Hills, 90210, but way, way more ridiculous.

1. “Beverly Hills Teens” debuted in 1987. It had a ridiculous plot that revolved around the exaggerated lives of a group of spoiled rich teenagers.

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2. Most of the show revolved around three main characters:

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3. Larke Tanner

Larke is the blonde-haired (of course), blue-eyed (of course), kind-hearted (of course), and popular teen queen of Beverly Hills High School. She’s in love with Troy Jeffries.

Additionally she is a part-time model (isn’t everyone?).

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4. Troy Jeffries

Troy is the most popular jock in Beverly Hills High School. He is also in love with Larke Tanner.

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5. Bianca Dupree

Bianca was the scheming, backstabbing, arrogant, bitch of the show (and of course she has black hair). She also has a major crush on Troy Jeffries and is very jealous of his relationship with Larke Tanner; she is constantly scheming to ruin it.

All you really need to know is she was the real star of the show and the only reason to tune in.

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6. Surprisingly, the series only ran from September 21, 1987 – December 18, 1987. All sixty-five episodes ran in that one short season.

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7. One of the most memorable and lasting elements of the show was its theme song.

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8. “Beverly Hills Teens” intro:

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9. FYI: Anyone wanting to relive this forgotten “classic” cartoon can now buy the DVD (for the first time); it was released earlier this year.

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