9 Realistic Candle Scents You Really Need In Your Life

The folks over at Flick Candles got you covered with the perfect scents that really captures life’s worst and most awkward moments. So take that, Yankee Candle.

1. Defriend

The perfect fragrance to set the mood for when you want to get into a passive aggressive argument with a frenemy on Facebook.

2. Cancelled Vacation

The prefect scent for that moment when you realize you can’t afford to go on that much fantasized about vacation (heck, you can’t even afford a staycation).

3. Blueberry Bromance

The perfect scent for when the homoerotic tension in the air between you and your bro is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

4. Freshly Signed Divorce Papers

The perfect scent that says “Wow, it’s really over and all I got was the dog.”

5. Coming Out Cucumber Melon

The perfect scent for that very awkward moment when you bring your S.O. to a family reunion and everyone realizes you the two play for the same team.

6. The Friend Zone

The perfect scent for when you learn that the person you’ve been lusting for doesn’t like you like that.

7. Smells Like a College Rejection Letter

The perfect scent for that moment of disappointment when you realize you didn’t even get into your safety school!

8. Freshman 15 Pound Cake

The perfect scent for when you come home for Christmas break and none of your winter clothes fit.

9. Surprise Baby Powder

That perfect scent for when all you can think is, “Oh shit! Damn it, I knew we should’ve used protection.”

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