7 Priceless Excerpts From Miley Cyrus’ People Magazine Profile

In 2007, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus opened up to the magazine about how they kept the Hannah Montana star in line — according to them it was “chores, church, and lots of love.” It paid off.

1. Tish on how crazy kids are today and how that’s not going to be Miley:

“It is so scary as a mom to see all these kids who are so whacked now. I don’t want to be too much and have her rebel. Not that we think she’s going to do that.”

2. Billy on how Miley has a good head on her shoulders:

“The biggest phenomenon in all this is that the kid’s been able to keep her head on her shoulders.”

3. Tish on working hard to keep Miley normal:

“Everything is about keeping her grounded.”

4. On how her parents try to scare her straight:

“Her parents give Miley articles about Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton to read as cautionary tales. Says her mom [Tish]: ‘I’m like, Paris is in jail, Miley!’”

5. How Tish still keeps her in check:

“‘I still threaten her with a wooden spoon to the butt!’ Tish says. Every Sunday Miley must attend church with the rest of the family.”

6. Billy on how Miley is doing alright:

“She hasn’t flipped out. I’m going to knock on wood.I pray every day she can stay on that path.”

7. Miley’s view on her future:

“We don’t really worry about anything. We let life do its thing, and we just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

But the cover really says it all:

8. I mean come on!

Read the entire article at People.

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