5 Best Moments From Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s Duet On “The Mickey Mouse Club”

In 1993, the two future love birds belted out a cover of the Prince/Chaka Khan classic “I Feel for You.”

1. The important moment when Britney showed us she was the future “Princess of Pop” by serving us a perfect diva hair toss.


ID: 1589505

2. When Justin smoothly sung the line “I wouldn’t lie to you, baby” and all the tween girls went crazy.

ID: 1589432

3. This perfect example of ’90s hand dancing choreography:

ID: 1589730

4. Which was followed by Justin’s highly inappropriate crotch thrust.

ID: 1589516

5. Britney ends the performance by proving all the haters wrong and belting out the hook like a young Chaka Khan.

ID: 1589445

Watch the whole performance here:

ID: 1589398

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