23 Moments Of Beyoncé Realness

Because we are all just living in Queen Bey’s world.

1. When she owned the red carpet at the 1998 Soul Train Awards — even though she was dressed in a bunch of Gwen Stefani’s old saris.

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2. When she had a moment at 2000 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. Luckily Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, where there to support her.

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3. The time she side-eyed Michelle for speaking without her permission.

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

Even Kelly’s scared for Michelle.

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4. Meeting of the titans: The awesome moment when she hung out backstage with Aaliyah at the 2001 MTV Movie Awards.

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5. When she generously let Kelly touch her MTV Moonman backstage at the 2000 VMAs.

George De Sota/ Hulton Archive / Getty Images

“You can touch it, but NOT hold it Kelly.”

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6. When she got her own doll and was like “Barbie better watch it, there is a new blonde bombshell in town.”

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7. The time she side-eyed Michelle for standing in the middle.

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8. When she showed up at Kelly’s solo album release party and was like “this is awesome, but wait till my solo album drops.”

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9. “Checkmate” she said under her breath, as she hugged Kelly tightly at her Dangerously in Love release party.

L. Cohen / WireImage for Columbia Records
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10. She even had a cake made with her likeness!

L. Cohen / WireImage for Columbia Records
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She was so happy that night — she even allowed Solange to celebrate her birthday and had a sheet cake brought in from Costco.

L. Cohen / WireImage for Columbia Records
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11. The time she commanded the wind to blow at the right moment so that the photographers at the MTV Movie Awards could get the perfect shot.

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12. The time she cloned herself.

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13. When she literally morphed into a lion while performing on stage.

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14. The time when PETA tried to throw shade at her…

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…And she was whatevs “my fur is soooo soft.”

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15. In 2005 when she took the stage with Michelle and Kelly and was like “Yeah, that was fun and I love you both, but it’s OVER…”

Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment
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“…And my new SOLO album is coming out really soon. Good luck girls!”

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16. When she went on TRL and showed Justin and Britney how a TRUE star wears all denim.

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17. Her “I can’t believe I have to be near these basic bitches” moment she had while sitting next to David Beckham and J. Lo at a Pepsi press conference in 2005.

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18. When she smartly coordinated her outfit to all the Grammys she knew she going to take home.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images
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19. The time she recreated the birth of Venus while promoting Dreamgirls at Cannes.

Carlo Allegri / Getty Images
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20. When she made sure J Hud did not outshine her when the two performed at the Academy Awards.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

I think she might have broken a rib in the process.

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21. When she served up some “Breathless Mahoney” realness at a 2007 Grammy Party.

Mark Davis / Getty
ID: 1596075

22. The time even she was mesmerized by her own butt!

Charley Gallay / Getty
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23. At the 2008 Grammy’s when she let it be known where all her haters can go:

Kevin Winter / Getty
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