25 Rare Photos Of "I Love Lucy" In Color

These color publicity photos and behind the scene shots from the iconic black & white TV series will blow your mind.

You’re used to seeing them like this:

ID: 1076246

But these color publicity photos and behind the scene shots - from some of your favorite episodes - might just change how you see Lucy Ricardo’s world:

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1. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz publicity photo.

ID: 1073472
Everett Collection
ID: 1073540

4. On set photo in the New York apartment set (1952).

ID: 1073513

5. Vivian Vance and William Frawley with Lucille.

ID: 1073522

6. Publicity photo of Lucille and Desi with Keith Thibodeaux who played “Little Ricky”.

ID: 1073517

7. I Love Lucy cast photo.

Everett Collection
ID: 1073394

8. On set photo from “Cuban Pals” episode (1952).

ID: 1073478

9. Publicity Christmas photo (1953).

ID: 1076162

10. On set photo of Lucy as Marilyn Monroe, from “Ricky’s Movie Offer” (1954).

ID: 1073515

11. Photo from “In Palm Springs” episode (1955).

ID: 1073361

12. Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx from “Lucy and Harpo Marx” episode (1955).

ID: 1073651

13. On set photo from “Homecoming” episode (1955).

ID: 1073389

14. On set photo from “Lucy Goes to Scotland” episode (1956).

ID: 1073481

15. Photo from “Lucy in the Swiss Alps” episode (1956).

ID: 1073552

16. The iconic “Lucy’s Italian Movie” episode (1956).

ID: 1073372

17. Photo from “Visitor From Italy” episode (1956).

ID: 1073555

18. On set photo with Bob Hope from “Lucy Meets Bob Hope” episode (1956).

Everett Collection
ID: 1073352

19. Lucille with Orson Welles, publicity photo from “Lucy Meets Orson Welles” episode (1956).

Everett Collection
ID: 1073357

20. Publicity photo from “I Love Lucy Christmas Show” episode (1956)

ID: 1073504

21. Behind the scenes photo of Lucille and Desi, with guest star Tallulah Bankhead, from “The Celebrity Next Door” episode (1957).

ID: 1073510

22. Behind the scenes photo from “Lucy Goes to Mexico” episode (1958).

ID: 1073629

23. Matador wardrobe shot from “Lucy Goes To Mexico.”

ID: 1075662

24. Lucille & Desi in the Connecticut home set.

Everett Collection
ID: 1073381
Everett Collection
ID: 1073386

Definitely check out this rare color footage shot on the I Love Lucy set:

ID: 1073290

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