23 Wildly Inappropriate Baby T-Shirts And Onesies

Just call Child Protective Services if you see a baby wearing one of these.

1. If you’re wearing this onesie, I doubt you’re the worst of mommy’s problems.

ID: 2419160

2. A reminder of the alcohol that fueled the night you were conceived.

ID: 2419111

3. This is more of a gentle reminder.

ID: 2419209

4. Hello, you are a neglectful parent.

ID: 2419152

5. Maybe the baby is just a big Bon Jovi fan?

ID: 2419081

6. *Speechless*

ID: 2419067

7. Wait, I don’t get this, is the baby calling itself stupid?

ID: 2419139

9. The jokes write themselves, this is labeled as the “Stripper Baby Bodysuit.”

ID: 2419114

10. Well, I guess this can double as a cute Saint Patrick’s Day outfit.

ID: 2419174

11. I guess this would be racist… if it made any sense.

ID: 2419135

12. I have one that says “At least I didn’t become a crumbled up tissue.”

ID: 2419101

13. #Humblebrag

ID: 2419092

14. Just in case you were wondering:

ID: 2419065

15. Better than blaming it on the dog.

ID: 2419072

16. Nice to have them start the hate early.

ID: 2419062

17. I don’t even want to know what they’re talking about:

ID: 2419127

18. The incestuous connotations = GROSS.

ID: 2419057

19. I would’ve gone with the classier my parents sleep around onesie.

ID: 2419085

20. I prefer my baby drop an f-bomb.

ID: 2419058

21. I highly doubt it.

ID: 2419053

22. Haven’t we all had one of those nights:

Louis Peitzman/ BuzzFeed
ID: 2419046

23. The perfect onesie to wear on a day out with the grandparents.

ID: 2419195

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