23 Amazing And Inspiring High School Yearbook Quotes

It is never too early to start trolling.

1. This kid, who obviously came prepared:

2. Deep thoughts about inner beauty:

3. If you think about it, a penis might just be the most perfect allegory for life:

4. This one ONLY makes sense if you’re high:

5. Subtlety really is an art form:

6. Don’t confuse her with Gisele Bündchen:

7. I guess nobody noticed that he went missing?

8. Her parents must be so proud:

9. Sometimes it’s nice to have an ugly cry in public:

10. Aren’t we all?:

11. Remember, don’t hate the player hate the game:

13. She clearly doesn’t buy into Brita Filter’s propaganda:

14. Always quote the greats:

15. Even the fictional greats:

16. Sometimes you just have to look at life as “the glass half full”:

17. Let’s be honest, the best gift really is to receive:

18. Well this is just 100% science:

19. Beautiful inspiration really is everywhere:

20. This girl who just made everyone jealous:

21. Um, this kid might as well rip this page out and wear it as a badge for the rest of his life:

22. This girl who isn’t afraid to call out basic bitches:

23. Another valuable lesson that high school can teach you: Acronyms.

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