23 Absurdly Lame Things That Happened To Superman, Batman, And Robin

From 1941-1986, the superheroes appeared in their own comic book series, World’s Finest Comics, and it was ridiculous.

1. When Superman tried to fat shame Robin.

ID: 1987779

2. The one where Robin, Superman, and Batman decided they wanted to take a dip with the boys.

ID: 1987790

3. The time they all went on a ski trip together — that was so epic they needed 96 pages to tell it.

ID: 1987832

4. The issue where they took up photography (?).

ID: 1988078

5. The time Superman decided to open a pedicab business.

ID: 1987784

6. And not to be outdone, Batman opened a shady fortune-telling business.

ID: 1988339

7. The time Superman got really friendly with a sailor.

ID: 1987978

8. The one where they said “fuck crime fighting” and instead played baseball…

ID: 1987868

9. …tennis…

ID: 1987513

10. …and went surfing.

ID: 1987518

11. The issue in which we learned that a skunk — not Kryptonite — is Superman real Achilles’ heel.

ID: 1988058

12. Ummmm…guys, what’s going on over there?

ID: 1988588

13. What kinda kink is Superman into?

ID: 1988044

14. When they where forced to beat down a street vendor for selling unlicensed merchandise.

ID: 1987523

15. The time they fought their greatest foe, MOTHER GOOSE!

ID: 1987894

16. The exciting issue where Superman and Batman changed a flat tire.

ID: 1987759

17. The one where Superman proved that size DOES matter.

ID: 1987856

18. The one where Superman and Batman made Robin their bitch.

ID: 1987713

19. The really dark one where Jimmy Olsen and Robin faked their own death…

ID: 1987714

20. …or the even darker one where Superman and Batman made them dig their own graves.

ID: 1987939

21. The issue where Superman started a New World Order.

ID: 1987754

22. The horrible issue where Superman killed Batman…

ID: 1987719

23. …which probably led to Robin avenging his murder.

ID: 1987720

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