22 Pixar Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Seriously Never Noticed

You will never be able to not notice these hidden gems again.

1. Toy Story 3

Look closely, that skull t-shirt wearing garbage man is a grown up Sid from Toy Story.

ID: 1160598

2. Up!

When Carl’s house first takes off, it flies by the window of a little girl in an apartment building, if you look at the toys in the room it includes, the Luxo Ball and Lotso (from Toy Story 3).

ID: 1160553

3. Brave

If you look closely you can see the old witch whittling the Pizza Planet truck.

ID: 1160503

4. Finding Nemo

Buzz Lightyear is among the toys in the dentist’s office.

ID: 1160530

5. Ratatouille

Dug’s (from Up!) shadow is clearly visable as he attempts to chase after Remy.

ID: 1160615

6. The Incredibles

Doc Hudson is parked on the street.

ID: 1160956


Our favorite neurotic dinosaur, Rex, is part of WALL-E’s collection.

ID: 1160820

8. Up!

If you notice in UP!, Carl and Ellie’s car has the exact same white-wall tires that Lighting McQueen receives in Radiator Springs in Cars.

ID: 1160470

9. Ratatouille

Linguini is wearing underwear with The Incredibles’ logo on them.

ID: 1161237

10. Cars

Pizza Planet Truck is seen in the crowd.

ID: 1161328

11. Finding Nemo

This kid is reading a The Incredibles comic.

ID: 1160700

12. Monsters, Inc.

Monstro, the whale from Pinocchio, is hanging on a poster.

ID: 1161128

13. Brave

Sulley is in a wood craving in the old witch’s house.

ID: 1161304

14. Toy Story 2

The storybook Mrs. Potato Head is reading to the Toddle Tots in is A Bug’s Life.

ID: 1160837

15. Ratatouille

The mime in the background is actually Bomb Voyage from The Incredibles.

ID: 1160733

16. Toy Story 2

Heimlich (from A Bugs Life) makes a cameo.

ID: 1161191

17. Cars 2

A “Cars” version of the tapestry from Brave.

ID: 1161014

18. Monsters, Inc.

Boo tries to give Sulley her Nemo toy.

ID: 1160779

19. Finding Nemo

Mike’s cameo during the end credits.

ID: 1161086

20. WALL-E

Pizza Planet truck.

ID: 1161025

21. Cars 2

The movie playing at the drive-in, The Incredimobiles.

ID: 1161361

22. Toy Story 3

Andy either knows or is related to Carl and Ellie from Up! This is confirmed by the fact that he has a postcard sent from them on his pin board.

ID: 1160917

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