21 Signs Patsy Stone From "Absolutely Fabulous" Is Your Spirit Animal

It’s all fabulous, sweetie!

1. You know the power of good comeback.

ID: 1627878

2. Sometimes you need a line of coke to start your workday.

ID: 1627765

But just a little of course.

ID: 1627791

3. You’re always HONEST with your friends when giving fashion advice…

ID: 1627483

4. …and about everything else in general.

ID: 1628045

5. Your moves get better with each drink you have.

ID: 1627539

6. You basically can’t deal with people who are too fat…

ID: 1627736

7. …or too skinny.

ID: 1628035

8. Every once in awhile you’re not afraid to let out an ugly cry.

ID: 1627688

9. Knowing the importance of having an boilermaker in the afternoon.

ID: 1627713

10. You know that a pouty lip is the best way to flirt with a bartender.

ID: 1627556

11. You know the secret to keeping thin.

ID: 1627870

12. Nothing is cool unless you say it’s cool.

ID: 1627744

13. You know how to make a bong out of anything.

ID: 1627838

14. Being considerate of other people’s feelings is not really your thing.

ID: 1627705

15. You constantly maintain a 0.10–0.19 blood alcohol level.

ID: 1628116

16. No scientific evidence can convince you smoking is bad.

ID: 1627691

17. You know how to ask for help.

ID: 1627528

18. You realize that there is never a bad time to down an entire bottle of vodka.

ID: 1627516

19. Or bottle of champagne.

ID: 1627519

20. This basically describes your weekend plans.

ID: 1627822

21. Most importantly: You know the power of good bitchface.

ID: 1627942

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