20 Hilarious And Weird "Falling In Love" Comic Book Covers

From 1955-1973, DC Comics printed Falling In Love, a romance comic aimed towards teen girls and young women, that was ridiculous and kinda trashy.

1. Don’t you hate it when your mother steals your man?

ID: 1698326

2. Or is it worse when your sister steals your man?

ID: 1698279

3. Apparently your sister will steal your man any chance she gets.

ID: 1698353

4. Why is she still friends with Sue?

ID: 1698285

5. The one were his ex (also possibly a man in drag) is stalking him.

ID: 1697755

6. OMG — Really what did he do to her?

ID: 1697847

7. This whole scenario is uncomfortable and very creepy.

ID: 1697757

8. Picking up a girl — whose on the rebound — with a literal wingman.

ID: 1698332

9. I think we’ve all had this moments.

ID: 1698329

10. I guess she found out he is into some kinky shit.

ID: 1698448

11. So, Gina’s not a slut?

ID: 1698441

12. Because racism is a good reason to break-up a relationship?!

ID: 1698328

13. Don’t judge, we all get drunk at weddings. Right?

ID: 1698335


ID: 1698344

15. There all gossiping cause she is wearing white.

ID: 1698347

16. Slut-shaming.

ID: 1698456

17. They seem to be implying that she’s not into men.

ID: 1698417

18. Don’t judge — he probably has money.

ID: 1698420

19. Was she really expecting a swinger to keep it in his pants? Also is she tripping on shrooms while pondering this question?

ID: 1698474

20. Um, well I guess that’s one way to get a man’s attention.

ID: 1698415

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