1970s Photos Of Disneyland Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

A look back at “The Happiest Place On Earth” former “Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.”

1. In 1974, Chip and Dale lead the “Viva Mexico” parade.

ID: 1136068

2. A missed opportunity by Minnie and Mickey, they appear to be dressed in their normal costumes.

ID: 1135735

3. Br’er Fox did accessorize his costume with a poncho.

ID: 1136058

4. But Mickey, along with Eeyore, did get into the spirit in 1978.

ID: 1135719

5. This photo dates back to 1963, when Disneyland held the exhibition, “Salute to Mexico,” a celebration of Mexican culture, with Walt Disney on hand for the opening.

ID: 1135745

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