19 Moms Who Failed So Hard At Facebook They Almost Won

The lesson is: Block your mom on Facebook!

1. This mom who played favorite with her kids:

2. This mom who is relying way too much on Facebook reminders:

3. This mom who cherishes the day her daughter was born:

4. This mom who is waaaay to close to her son:

5. This mom who knows her son is a fuck-up:

6. This mom who needs to pay a visit to the Maury show:

7. This mom who isn’t afraid to embarrass her son:

8. This mom who just told her son how babies are made:

9. This mom who is not down with the latest slang:

10. This mom who has an exciting sex life:

11. This mom who wishes she did:

12. This mom who may or may not be 420 friendly:

13. This mom who let her inner cougar out:

14. This mom who doesn’t care about calling her son out:

15. This mom who just overshared way too much:

16. This mom who straight up dropped a truth bomb:

17. This mom who just loves sharing baby pics:

18. This mom who is lovingly bonding with her daughter:

19. This mom who was clearly drinking while trying to reconnect with her son:

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