16 Chic 1970s Interiors You Would Want To Live In

These designs are as stylish today as they were then. Proof, that perhaps the ’70s wasn’t the decade that taste forgot.

1. Surprisingly the mix of Egyptian blue, burnt orange, and white work really well together.

ID: 1460560

2. Aside from the TV, this photo looks like it is straight out of the Ikea catalog.

ID: 1460561

3. Nothing says 1970s more than a sunken living room, but the color palette keeps it modern.

ID: 1460573

4. ’70s ski chalet chic?

ID: 1460564

5. This looks like an awesome place to host a key party.

ID: 1460575

6. The mix of pieces from different decades keeps the design timeless.

ID: 1460579

7. Minimalist design: Two acrylic hanging bubble chairs and a million dollar Warhol silk-screen.

ID: 1460625

8. OK, the carpet is horrendous, but the swing is awesome.

ID: 1460586

9. A nice nod to Mid-Century Modern.

ID: 1460588

10. The monochromatic harvest gold color scheme is so bad it works.

ID: 1460593

11. Really dig the fact that the wall graphic coordinates with the bedspread.

ID: 1460596

12. The perfect spot to curl up with a good book.

ID: 1460610

13. Kind of forward contemporary design for the 1970s, it looks like it could be right at home on the set of Miami Vice (which I am all for).

ID: 1460624

14. A soothing design and color scheme.

ID: 1460626

15. Like number 6, this has a very timeless design.

ID: 1460630

16. Seriously, this is an awesome bathroom. It looks like a cross between the Playboy Mansion and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

ID: 1460620

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