15 Things You Didn’t Know R.L. Stine Wrote

Goosebumps might be his best-known work, but his writing talents go beyond the horror genre.

1. In 1975, Stine created “Bananas”, a humor magazine for teenagers published by Scholastic Press.

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2. From 1984 to 1986, he wrote four books for the Find Your Fate: “Indiana Jones” series.

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3. He also wrote four books for the Find Your Fate: “G.I. Joe” series.

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4. And in 1985 he wrote one Find Your Fate for the “James Bond” series, “Win, Place, or Die”.

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5. In 1986, he wrote a children’s book called “Miami Mice”


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6. Let’s not forget that he contributed 19 books to the “Point Horror” series.

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7. And he also contributed three books to the “Horror High” series.

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8. Stine did the novelization of “Ghostbusters II”….

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9. And “Spaceballs”.

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10. He also did the novelization of the television show “My Secret Identity.”

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11. Under the name Jovial Bob (his first name is Robert) Stine, he wrote several joke books. He wrote three “101 Jokes” books….

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12. And a guidebook to being funny.

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13. There was also his trilogy “Space Cadets”.

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14. And of course he created the “Fear Street” series.

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15. Lastly, did you know he co-created and was head writer for “Eureeka’s Castle”?

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