12 (Unintentionally) Creepy Children’s Books

These vintage kids books are a major fail, but they’re also HILARIOUS.

1. What kid (or parent for that matter) wouldn’t want to pick up a cookbook with a title like this?

ID: 2561054

2. This is one slut-shaming title:

ID: 2561047

3. Is it just me or does Archibald seem like the rather aggressive type?

ID: 2561042

4. The answer: Only candidates running in midterm elections.

ID: 2561052

5. Hahaha “Boners,” school boy howlers indeed.

ID: 2561082

6. Do you really need a guide to having fun with LSD?

ID: 2561095

7. I guess Little Lulu is down for trying new things.

ID: 2561099

8. I think Pedobear needs to pay this book’s author a visit.

ID: 2561100

9. Honestly, this looks like it could also double for an erotic novel.

ID: 2561180

10. OK, forget the guy getting his butt rammed. I’m more curious about what that farmer in the back is doing with his hand in the pocket.

ID: 2561862

11. Eek! So. Creepy.

ID: 2561151

12. This is an image of ALF you will NEVER unsee:

But it’s ok, according to the cover no animals were injured in the making of the cover.

ID: 2561152

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