12 Reasons Why “Office Space” Is The Most Accurate Movie Ever

“I’d say in a given week I probably only do about 15 minutes of real, actual, work.”

1. This pretty much sums up your daily commute:

ID: 1382488

2. You have an irrational hate toward Mondays.

ID: 1382470

3. And life in general.

ID: 1382476

4. You’ve had an uncomfortable sex dream about a co-worker.

ID: 1381718

5. You’re most productive when you’re not at work.

ID: 1381773

6. Sometimes you feel like you need to justify your existence.

ID: 1382460

7. You’ve had more than one fantasy of really expressing how you feel toward your boss.

ID: 1382465

8. And destroying company property.

ID: 1381736

9. You’re always thinking of ways to improve your surroundings.

ID: 1381745

10. You constantly ignore company-wide emails.

ID: 1381772

11. You’re tempted to see just how honest you can be at a performance evaluation.

ID: 1382468

12. You HATE it when people borrow your things.

ID: 1384868

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