12 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

From Cindy Crawford’s big ’80s hair, to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams hanging out with the author of The Notebook, it’s #Throwback Thursday!

1. Best pre-prom photo ever: Andrea Barber (aka Kimmy Gibbler) with her prom date and Full House cast mates.

3. Cindy Crawford had some awesome ’80s hair!

4. “Yeah!”-era Usher posing for pics with DJ Reggie Brown from Milwaukee’s 100.7.

6. January Jones and her baby brother looked cute in matching outfits.

8. Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino was such a OKmusical theatre kid in high school.

9. Apparently, Paris (bottom left) and Nicky Hilton (bottom right) liked to play dress up in their father’s closet.

10. Mariah Carey reminded everyone just how epic her music video for “Honey” was.

11. And Madonna reminded us of her fierce early ’80s style.

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