12 Celebrity #TBT Photos You May Have Missed This Week

From Cindy Crawford’s big ’80s hair, to Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams hanging out with the author of The Notebook, it’s #Throwback Thursday!

1. Best pre-prom photo ever: Andrea Barber (aka Kimmy Gibbler) with her prom date and Full House cast mates.

ID: 2606029

2. Kim Cattrall declared “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” as one of her favorite Sex and the City episodes.

ID: 2605953

3. Cindy Crawford had some awesome ’80s hair!

ID: 2603874

4. “Yeah!”-era Usher posing for pics with DJ Reggie Brown from Milwaukee’s 100.7.

ID: 2603869

5. Designer Matthew Williamson shared this gorgeous candid shot of Kate Moss.

ID: 2603947

6. January Jones and her baby brother looked cute in matching outfits.

ID: 2605409

7. Back in 1997, the power of the Force (not really) brought George Lucas and No Doubt together.

Backstage with THE #GeorgeLucas in 1997 after a show in NorCal on the #TragicKingdom tour. #NDVault

— No Doubt (@nodoubt)
ID: 2605703

8. Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino was such a OKmusical theatre kid in high school.

ID: 2605883

9. Apparently, Paris (bottom left) and Nicky Hilton (bottom right) liked to play dress up in their father’s closet.

ID: 2605782

10. Mariah Carey reminded everyone just how epic her music video for “Honey” was.

ID: 2606233

11. And Madonna reminded us of her fierce early ’80s style.

ID: 2605765

12. Finally, The Notebook’s author, Nicholas Sparks, took us back to the beautiful time of McGosling. Ryan + Rachel = 4eva.

Who remembers this adaptation? #tbt

— Nicholas Sparks (@NicholasSparks)
ID: 2605306

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